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Are you a rhythm event or drum circle facilitator who wants to expand your business to serve more people, and get paid more for your work?  Perhaps you’re finding that there are big — sometimes mystifying — differences among the worlds of education, health & wellness, social services, and business.

This is especially true if you want to get hired by an organization to hold a rhythm event for their employees, volunteers, conference attendees, etc.  Those situations are different kind of game that affects just about everything, including the decision-making process, session objectives, participant expectations, and even who your client actually is.

Now you can learn what matters most to attract organizational clients, and deliver engaging programs that serve their needs.

10-Module Home Study Video Course covering the WHERE of the business landscape, the WHAT of effective program design, and the HOW of successful facilitation to these groups.  Learn more >>

If you have a specific gig or proposal opportunity in front of you, give yourself the advantage of my 1-on-1 consulting service.  I’ll help you design a program that speaks your client’s language, meets their needs, and lets your skills and style shine in the corporate arena.  Learn more >>

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The path of facilitating drum circles, group drumming, and rhythm events involves discovering our own preferences, style, and passion for making a difference in the world.  Each of us is unique as a facilitator, and each of our businesses is unique, too.  It is my passion to help you develop yours!

Kind words:

“Mary’s help with program design gave me the key that unlocked the door to having the group actually make music by the end of the session.  The client said our session was quite powerful, and the participants loved it!”

“Mary gave me straightforward, simple guidelines to making my program more effective.”

“Very informative and helpful!  I look forward to working with Mary on future programs.”