Are you a rhythm event or drum circle facilitator (DCF) who works with groups in education, health & wellness, social services, or community settings?  Are you curious about what it would take to expand into more “corporate” rhythm events for team building, meeting groups, and the like?

If you sense that “the rules are different” for drumming in business settings, you’re right.  That’s because

It’s not about drumming.  It’s about business results.

This fact changes lots of things.  If you don’t understand and plan for the different dynamics, expectations, and pitfalls present in corporate settings, you can end up in that horrible place of your session “not working,” and not know why.  Yuck.

Let me help you avoid all of that.  In “The Business of Drumming in Business” telecourse will help you

  • assess your best approach to the business world
  • design programs that fill client needs, and
  • deliver effective programs that make an impact.

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FREE Sample Call Recording

Get the Intro Call Handouts and Recording, edited to 37 minutes of high-value content.

What’s included in the course:

  1. 6 group calls 2 weeks apart.  Each is 60 – 75 minutes, covering the session topic, group member focus case, and Q & A
  2. Bonus 7th session focused on next steps and building momentum
  3. Session recordings, streaming and downloadable
  4. Pre- and post-session worksheets that guide your step-by-step progress
  5. Members-only Facebook group, where you can ask questions, brainstorm, and offer support between sessions. 

In this telecourse, you’ll discover:

  • The key factors you must remember to successfully serve organizational clients
  • The wide variety in the business ecosystem (kinds of groups, purposes, formats, third parties) — and which feel most natural for you to serve
  • From initial client contact to the end of the gig, how to design and deliver a program that meets the client’s business objectives, and gives participants a great time
  • How to describe and market your offerings through clear language that your target clients want to hear

Course Schedule


Aug. 24 — Course Introduction:  3 Essential Keys to Crack the Corporate Market

Learn 3 key factors that make the corporate world different, and what they mean for marketing, proposal writing, and program design.

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Sept. 14 — Session 1:  The Organizational Landscape
We’ll survey various kinds of clients, situations, and programs that are possible.  We’ll look at key differences, success factors, and marketing channels for each.

Sep. 28 — Session 2:  Finding Your Niche
With these audiences, you have to be good at what you do — so don’t try to be something you’re not!  You’ll identify your “signature blend” of facilitation strengths, and learn what kinds of programs and target clients would be your best natural fit.



Oct. 12 — Session 3:  Program Design for Adult & Corporate Groups
You have many people to satisfy:  Your contact, his/her boss, and your participants — some of whom may not want to be there.  We’ll learn approaches to program design that create a fun, coherent experience that delivers the right business results.

Oct. 26 — Session 4:  “Productizing” your Programs
“Productizing” is a way to make your program and its benefits more tangible to your target client — which means it’s easier for them to make a decision to hire you!



Nov. 9 — Session 5:  Detailed Gig Plan
Yes, rhythm facilitation is an in-the-moment, improvisational experience, but that does not mean leaving things to chance.  Detailed planning for setup, instrument distribution, program transitions, and timing is crucial for your success, confidence and peace of mind.

Nov. 23 — Session 6:  Facilitation Wizardry
It’s showtime!  We’ll look at how to get yourself in the zone of joyful facilitation, deliver your metaphors and client messages, and draw out the group’s own meaning-making and wisdom.


BONUS SESSION: Leveraging for Future Business

Dec. 7 — In this wrap-up session, we’ll talk about ways to leverage one gig into others, and cover any remaining points and questions from the course.

Course begins September 14

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FREE Sample Call Recording

Want a sample?  Get the Intro Call Handouts and Recording, edited to 37 minutes of high-value content.

Overview of the landscape of “Drumming in Business”

in 2-minute videos

#4: Meet your Archetypal Allies

#3: Three Differences with Drumming in Business

#2: The Spectrum of Fun & Learning

#1: Groups and Teams in a Broad Landscape


What if I decide corporate work isn’t for me. Can I drop the class?

Indeed, that’s part of our very first topic:  What is the world of drumming in business like, and is there a satisfying place for me in it?

If at some point, you decide, “No,” and you want to leave the class, that’s fine.  I’ll give you a pro-rated refund for the remaining sessions.

That said, my overall goal is to help everyone realize more potential in their DCF work — whatever form that is.  In other words, I hope you’ll find the course materials beneficial for your current areas of practice in terms of program and business development.

Help! What if I need this information sooner?

If a gig or quote opportunity comes up and you want instant application of these principles, I can consult with you 1-on-1.  I’ll help you assess the situation, plan your program, and form your client response.  We can accomplish a lot in 2 or 3 consulting sessions over Skype.  I’m offering a special consulting rate for telecourse participants of $50 per hour.  Learn more >>

Will you cover how to market to get organizational gigs?

The first crucial steps to successful marketing are knowing what exactly you are offering, to whom, and why they should care.  We will be covering those things in depth.

Though this is not a detailed “How to Market” class, you’ll learn valuable marketing principles that will help you develop website copy and find clients.

I’m a _______________ and am just starting to work with drums. Is this for me?

First, welcome to the rhythm world!  I hope you’ll find it enriching musically, professionally, and with many new friendships.

Whether it’s a good time for this course depends on your individual situation and desires.  If you’re reading this, you must be curious about working with organizations, so maybe the answer is Yes!

Get a taste of my content and approach at the Free Preview call.

Though the course is focused on drumming in business, my intention is to be relevant to all kinds of group facilitation, both with other kinds of groups, and using other (non-drum) modalities.  So I think you’ll find it useful in your current work, too.

Even if you’re just at the “Corporate? I’d like to someday” stage, this course will give you a valuable picture of what that “someday” could look like.  You’ll develop a clear idea of where to start, and which logical steps to take — whenever the time is right for you.

Contact me if you’d like to talk about your individual situation.

I know I want in! How do I sign up for the Teleseminar?

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