Group development facilitation

All Aboard!    Your Group or Team can go further, faster

You may be familiar with the classic FORMSTORMNORMPERFORM model of group development.  Groups generally move through these stages both in short events, like an afternoon workshop, and over the long-term, as with a work team.

I help your group move up that capability curve
faster and more smoothly.

It makes a huge difference.  When a group reaches the Norm and Perform stages quickly, and with a solid developmental foundation, it can accomplish so much more over time!  (Pro tip:  Storming is NOT necessary!)  And even groups who’ve made it to the Norm and Perform phases need occasional “tune ups” to keep the energy up and things working smoothly.

How about giving your group a boost?  Let’s consult and brainstorm about the next logical step in your group’s development.  It could be anything from a facilitated meeting or training session, to a lively teambuilding drum circle!

Let’s create powerful, fun ways to take your group or team further, faster!

Rhythms of Influence eBookRead more about my approach to group development in my free ebook, Rhythms of Influence.

Which Path for Your Group?

F-S-N-P graph.001

Accomplish more: Move smoothly from Forming to Performing

Whether your group is together for an hour, a weekend, or for years, I help your group make the most of your time together through faster engagement with each other and with your purpose.

circle-dots-blue-80 WORK TEAMS

  • Planning retreats
  • Project launch
  • 2 Teams merging
  • Training days

circle-dots-teal-80MEETING GROUPS

  • Networking groups
  • Professional associations
  • Training conferences
  • Sales meetings

circle-dots-green-80EDUCATION & SOCIAL SERVICE

  • Staff team building
  • College student groups
  • School year launch or end
  • Training conferences

circle-dots-yellow-80INTEREST GROUPS

  • Personal growth retreats
  • Meetup groups
  • Community chorus or band
  • Expo workshops

Custom-designed formats to suit your group and event


Do you want to get your group or team on the same page, and revved up for what’s ahead?

How about building stronger team skills, to anchor habits of good communication and commitment?

My inspirational talks and interactive workshops get your group talking, laughing, and appreciating each other — and their collective potential — in fresh, new ways.

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Nothing brings a group or team together like trying something new together — and succeeding spectacularly!

RhythmLift programs use rhythm and drumming to bring your message alive with both talk and the music.  Whether you’re kicking off a conference or initiative, need an energy boost mid-stream, or want a powerful, celebratory closing, a RhythmLift program will make it meaningful and memorable. >>


Your members are aching to make 
meaningful connections at networking 
meetings — that’s why they’re there!  
Your group can skip the awkward part and move right to the 
FUN with 
Mixer Magic at your next meeting.

Your members — and their goals 
and talents — become the stars 
of the meeting.  Participants will 
feel relaxed and confident, and 
create concrete collaboration 
opportunities with each other!

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Are you planning a talk or workshop?  Liven it up with interactivity!

I’ll help you design your session for full engagement.  I’ll suggest interactive segments that will let you break away from the Powerpoint, and immerse your audience in your message through head, heart, and body.  You’ll be confident and rarin’ to go with a high-quality plan for your talk or workshop!

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