Program design consulting for Presenters and Event Planners

Interactive Alchemy:    Bring the power of Head + Heart + Group
to your Workshop, Presentation or Event

We’ve all been there:  Being “talked at” by a presenter who might as well be a talking head on video (a.k.a. “Death by Powerpoint”).  Your message — and your audience — deserve more.  And I’m sure you want to give it to them!


How?  By designing interactivity into your talk or workshop to fully engage audience members’ heads, hearts, and imaginations.  You’ll greatly deepen the impact and take-home benefit of your time together!

Whether you’re planning a 20-minute talk, a longer workshop, or a multi-day conference, I’ll help you plan time-efficient ways to “immerse” your audience in your message with lively segments that make your session meaningful and memorable.

In just one consulting session, we’ll look at key factors of your event, such as:

  • Topic and learning objectives
  • Nature and size of audience
  • Physical setup and duration
  • Overall context and purpose of event

We’ll ask the key question, “What do you want your audience to feel, think, and be ready to do at the end of your talk?”

Then we’ll look at the stages in the “Arc of Engagement” for programs of any length, and come up with specific ways to stimulate audience interaction and engagement throughout. I’ll share detailed “pro tips” for each activity so that you can confidently create a seamless, integrated audience experience.

Result:  You’ll have a clear, doable plan to fully engage your audience through head, heart, and social connections!

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Kind words:

“Mary helped me think of my presentations as more than just imparting knowledge.  Now I think about their whole experience, and ways to structure my presentations to create real engagement.”

“If you’re looking for simple and creative ways to engage your audience and get them to come back for more, Mary is who you want to talk to!”

“Mary gave me a straightforward, simple guidelines to making my program more effective.”

“Very informative and helpful!  I look forward to working with Mary on future seminars.”