If you’re a rhythm event or drum circle facilitator (DCF) expanding your work in the corporate world, perhaps you’re finding it trickier than it first appears.  After all,

In corporate and organizational events, it’s not about drumming.

You are being paid to create specific business results.

I can help you achieve that.  If you have an important corporate proposal or gig coming up, you’ll want to give it your best.  In 1 or 2 consulting sessions, you’ll gain the assurance of:

  • A solid program plan tailored to your group, event, and client goals
  • The foresight to avoid pitfalls and surprises
  • The confidence to let your DCF passion shine

While quoting or planning your next corporate gig, wouldn’t you like to know:

  1. The key questions to ask the client — before you quote the job.
  2. How to translate the benefits of drumming as you know them into language your client hears and cares about.
  3. How the mindset of corporate group participants is completely different than community groups — and what that means for program design.
  4. Why filling your program time with just drum circling is probably not going to work.
  5. How to identify the 2, 3, or even 4 “clients” you need to please in every corporate gig — and how their interests can differ.
  6. How to design a program that delivers the business result your client really wants — beyond happy people drumming.
  7. The one question in each participant’s mind that your program must answer.

In my years in the DCF world, I’ve discovered that program design is my favorite part the process.  I love figuring out “What does the client really want?  How do we create a ‘Wow’ drumming program that gives it to them?”   Whenever my friends ask for help, I happily dive in.  It’s time for me to help others!  How about you?

I offer affordable consultation for DCFs in all 3 stages of corporate program design, including:

  1. Get the Gig: Information-gathering, proposal writing, agreements
  2. Program Design: Detailed program design that creates the client’s desired business result
  3. Countdown to Success: Final logistical reality check, scenario run-through, and “gotcha” surprise prevention for a smooth program experience.

When you have an important corporate proposal or gig, you want it to be a hit on all levels.  Let me show you how!

Rhythm Event Client Questionnaire

Ask the right questions to successfully quote, design, and conduct your next rhythm event!

Client Questionnaire

Ask the right questions to successfully quote, design and conduct your next gig!

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