INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS for Leadership, Teamwork, and Well-being


Rhythm Lift Programs

Meeting Groups &
Workplace Teams


Pulse of Positive Workshops

Traveling Workshops about
• Leadership
• Teamwork
• Happier Living


For Rhythm Facilitators

• Business Development Courses
• Business & Program Design Consulting
• Drumming Group Workshops

Hi, I’m Mary Tolena.  I produce fun, lively workshops that give people new ways and skills to create what they want in work and life.

I teach participants ways to

  • Know and appreciate their strengths
  • Experience less stress
  • Create satisfying relationships of all kinds

I help teams and groups

  • Boost enthusiasm for their common purpose
  • Discover new levels of creativity and collaboration
  • Learn leadership & communication skills that make everything easier

I help other rhythm & drum circle facilitators

  • Develop programs for business & client results
  • Strategize and grow their facilitation business
  • Offer their drumming groups something new

Check out my team building, leadership and happier living programs for your group, your team, or yourself. You’ll relax, reflect, and re-energize on your path to positive change!


Pulse of Positive Workshops

Entertaining workshops with new keys to:

  • Leadership — for business professionals
  • Teamwork — for work teams
  • Happier Living — for everyone!

RhythmLift programs for Groups & Teams

Custom-designed programs for work teams:

  • Team building, recognition, celebration
  • Leadership & team communication skills

For meeting and conference groups:

  • Interactive presentations
  • Icebreakers, energizers, closers
  • Breakout workshop sessions

Resources for Rhythm Facilitators

"Collaboration is our Superpower!"

Whether in online business development courses, 1-to-1 consulting, or collaborating for a live workshop, let's take the art of facilitating group drumming experiences further together!