Mary Tolena & TerraSol: The Power of Music and Community


Pulse of Positive Programs

Workshops about
• Leadership
• Teamwork
• Happier Living

TerraSol Center

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Music, Camping and Community Space in Patagonia, Arizona


For Rhythm Facilitators

• Business Development Courses
• Business & Program Design Consulting
• Drumming Group Workshops

Hi, I’m Mary Tolena.  I produce fun, lively workshops that give people new ways and skills to create what they want in work and life.

I teach participants ways to

  • Know and appreciate their strengths
  • Experience less stress
  • Create satisfying relationships of all kinds

I help teams and groups

  • Boost enthusiasm for their common purpose
  • Discover new levels of creativity and collaboration
  • Learn leadership & communication skills that make everything easier

I help other rhythm & drum circle facilitators

  • Develop programs for business & client results
  • Strategize and grow their facilitation business
  • Offer their drumming groups something new

You can experience my workshops online, at your place, or mine.

Check out my team building, leadership and happier living programs for your group, your team, or yourself. You’ll relax, reflect, and re-energize on your path to positive change!

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TerraSol Center

My newest project is building TerraSol Community and Music Center in Patagonia, Arizona.

I'm refurbishing a 1905 adobe farmhouse to host community, music, and arts events.  Read more about the vision and progress here.

Pulse of Positive Workshops

Entertaining workshops with new keys to:

  • Leadership — in organizations of all kinds
  • Teamwork — for work teams
  • Happier Living — for everyone!


Resources for Rhythm Facilitators

"Collaboration is our Superpower!"

Whether in online business development courses, 1-to-1 consulting, or collaborating for a live workshop, let's take the art of facilitating group drumming experiences further together!