Why Rhythm and Drumming Have Such Positive Effects

Group drumming creates benefits for health and happiness in many dimensions: physically, socially, emotionally, and creatively.


Group drumming takes people out of their heads and into the moment. “Monkey Mind” distractions dissolve. Participants feel the satisfying power of joining together in rhythm, then explore their own rhythmic expressions to add to the “orchestra.”

Relaxed and alert, participants can shift new perspectives easily. Change becomes more possible.

Science Documents Benefits of Drumming

We are rhythmic creatures — literally. We wake, sleep, walk and breathe in rhythm. Our bodies and biological processes pulse with heartbeat rhythm since before we were born.

Yet modern life detaches us from our innate rhythmicality. We live in our heads in “GO” mode: figuring things out, solving problems, wondering and worrying, planning what’s next. We all know this takes a toll on our minds and bodies!

So, what happens when we take a timeout from all of that, and give those parts of our brain a rest? What if we spend a little time getting grounded by experiencing more fundamental rhythms in our bodies and drums, carried by the collective beat? What if we get more connected through light-hearted fun?


We get healthy relief for our overtaxed stress response systems. It’s true: We are biologically better when we drum.

In fact, a growing body of research and clinical studies, plus thousands of cases in the field all point to clear results: Group drumming and recreational music-making has distinct benefits for an amazingly wide range of groups and desired outcomes.

What other activity do you know that offers documented positive effects for all of the following?

  • Corporate leadership, team building and creativity
  • Workplace culture development
  • Youth education, character-building and social skills
  • Health support & rehab: Physical, mental, special needs
  • Older adult wellness
  • Community development
  • Cross-cultural bridging and peace-making

Fully Engaged Senses, Body & Mind

One reason group drumming is so healthy is that it engages on so many levels: sensing, thinking, feeling, and moving. That makes a much more memorable learning experience.

The experience of learning to play the same beat – literally and figuratively — will stir your group’s emotions, imaginations, and pride.

Through the journey of rhythmic discovery your group will:

  • Unleash their creativity
  • Enrich their communication
  • Build cohesion among members
  • Uncover new opportunities to relate and work together

Afterwards, participants carry the powerful metaphor of “playing in sync” back to the workplace or into the rest of your event, creating lasting impact.

Give your group a chance to relax, reset, and regroup around their goals.  Contact me today, and let's talk how.

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