Consulting for Gig Planning & Business Development

Big Picture or Gig-specific:

Focused advice that builds on your strengths


When it comes to building your business as a rhythm event or drum circle facilitator (DCF), the general principles covered in "The Business of Drumming in Business" online course give you a good start.

And, you need to "make it your own" for your particular programs and business.  You assess your strengths, style, passions, and current connections, and begin to envision what "a successful DCF business" looks like in your case.


The fastest way to clarity for your business

A 1-to-1 consulting session will help you figure out what you want your DCF business to look like, and what  specific steps you need to take first, second, and third to get there.

You'll gain confidence from having a step-by-step plan.  You'll feel relief from letting go of some of the "I should's."  You'll feel energized knowing how to speak about your musical passion in ways your target clients appreciate.


Or maybe . . . You're pitching or planning that Big Gig

In a corporate or organizational gig, you're being paid to create specific business results.

You need to know exactly how you'll do that.  I can help you mold your musical intuition into a reliable program plan.

A 1-to-1 consulting sessions will give you:

  • A solid program plan tailored to your group, event, and client goals
  • The foresight to avoid pitfalls and surprises
  • The confidence to let your DCF passion shine

First, get the Gig!

In fact, you need to be thinking "business results" with your first client contacts.

When you respond to an initial inquiry, you want to know the key questions to ask the client — before you quote the job.

Use this Client Questionnaire to identify those important business results, and get the key details you need to create an effective, workable plan.

Then, in your Client Proposal, show your client that you understand what they want, and know how to deliver it.  You want to translate the benefits of drumming into language your client hears and cares about.

Help with every step

1-to-1 consultation can help you in all 3 stages of a drumming program, including:

  1. Get the Gig: Information-gathering, proposal writing, agreements
  2. Program Design: Detailed program design that creates the client’s desired business result
  3. Countdown to Success: Final logistical reality check, scenario run-through, and “gotcha” surprise prevention for a smooth program experience
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Focused help when you need it


Diagnose client situation, wants and needs at a deeper level

so you can

  • Write an effective proposal
  • Design a program that really works

Business Development

"Make it your own" unique DCF business

  • Assess your strengths, interests, and situation and create a workable business development plan
  • Identify specific kinds of target clients and develop strategies to go after them
  • Website review and message development advice

The $$ part is easy

Current and past students in Business of Drumming in Business self-study course: 1 free hour of consulting is included with your class registration.  Can be divided into 2 sessions.

Others:  $15 - $25 per half hour as you choose.

(Venmo or PayPal. Credit card ok.)

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