BDIB Live Cohort

The Business of Drumming in Business

BDIB Live:

7 Video Conference Sessions

Super-charge your spirit and progress toward your facilitation business goals with the Peer Power of BDIB Live.

We'll meet in 7 video conference calls starting September 26.  After the November 21 call, we'll take a holiday break, and return January 9th and rev up our New Year's "Get Out There!" energy during the final 2 calls.

In each call, we’ll go deeper with each subject, particularly into members’ practical questions and experiences about what works best for them. Together we’ll pace through the program, exchange advice and ideas, resolve specific challenges, and celebrate each others’ progress.

Go beyond the BDIB Core — waayy beyond

BDIB Live are discussions that help you bring the core material of the online course to life in your business.

Learn about the BDIB Core course here.

Before each session, you'll review the relevant module and consider a few discussion questions I'll send you the week before. We'll look at people's specific situations, both with short Q&A and as longer "case studies."

I’ll have more material to add each time, but you’ll learn as much or more from each other!

You’ll identify your logical next-step, doable actions that will take your business forward over the next 2 weeks.

And yes, you’ll receive a link to the recordings so you can watch whenever you want.


What's included in BDIB Live:

  1. 10 content modules of 1 or 2 videos each, ranging from 5 to 23 minutes each. (Lifetime access.)
  2. 7 Group Conference Calls & video recordings
  3. Pre- and post-session worksheets resulting in your own Business Go Plan that lays out WHAT you’re offering, WHY it matters, for WHOM, and HOW to reach those people
  4. Regular email prompts that help you identify your next practical step so you make steady progress
  5. 60 minutes of coaching with me about applying ideas to your business and program (in 1 or more sessions)
  6. Members-only Facebook group where we share stories, ask questions, brainstorm, and celebrate progress
  7. Special rate for further consulting sessions (e.g. help to propose or plan your next “big gig”)

The BDIB Core Modules — Quick Overview


1:  Course Concepts and Business Landscape
There are key requirements for business programs that are different than other settings.  We’ll survey various kinds of clients, situations, and programs that are possible, and note key differences, success factors, and marketing channels for each.

2:  Business and Marketing Overview
Let’s take a step back to look at what every business has to accomplish, and learn components of the “Marketing Machine” that makes it happen. Plus: “Our Secret Sauce“:  What we do that every organization needs.

3:  Your DCF Personality
With these audiences, you have to be good at what you do — so don’t try to be something you’re not!  You’ll identify your “DCF Personality,” signature blend of facilitation strengths, and learn what kinds of programs and target clients would be your best natural fit.


4:  Your Target Clients
Trying to market to everyone means actually marketing to no one.  You’ll identify your “best fit” target clients, and see how that makes everything easier, from program design to marketing.

5:  Program Design for Adult & Corporate Groups
You have many people to satisfy:  Your contact, his/her boss, and your participants — some of whom may not want to be there.  We’ll learn approaches to program design that create a fun, coherent experience that delivers the right business results.  Plus: Common organizational themes, and how to mold programs around them.

6:  Process and “Productization”
Let’s claim it: We practice the Art of Transformation — a powerful force to be playing with. The better you understand exactly how you accomplish transformation in your circles (musical and relational), the more value you can deliver.  Furthermore, when you know your process, you can start “Productizing” programs to offer a particular set of benefits for a particular kind of group.


7:  Art in the Details
Yes, rhythm facilitation is an in-the-moment, improvisational experience, but that does not mean leaving things to chance.  Detailed planning for setup, instrument distribution, program transitions, and timing is crucial for your success, confidence and peace of mind.

8:  Facilitation Wizardry
It’s showtime!  We’ll look at how to get yourself in the zone of joyful facilitation, deliver your metaphors and client messages, and draw out the group’s own meaning-making and wisdom.


9:  Sales Channels
Once you’ve identified your target clients, how do you reach them?  You’ll learn how to build a sales strategy that fits your strengths and preferences.

10:  Pricing Principles
How much should you charge?  You’ll learn a quantifiable framework and approach to finding the right price for your programs.

FREE Intro Video and Conference Call

Recorded Sept. 5, 2018

Get a taste of The Business of Drumming in Business content and call format in this free video and conference call recording.

You'll learn key factors to successfully approach "organizational drumming," and hear ideas and insights with other facilitators.

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"Collaboration is our Superpower!"

Join your international colleagues to turn collective experience and wisdom into business acceleration fuel!


1. Sept. 26
OVERVIEW: Drumming as a Business
Modules 1 & 2

2. Oct. 10
WHY:  Your DCF Identity & Message
Module 3

3. Oct. 24
WHO:  Your Target Audience
Module 4

4. Nov. 8 (note Thursday)
WHAT:  Program Design

Module 5

5.  Nov. 21
WHAT (Repeatable):  Process & Productization

Module 6

HOLIDAY BREAK to apply what you've learned: Identify potential clients, develop programs, work on your website, etc.


6.  Jan. 9
GET THE GIGS!:  Reaching out, making sales
Modules 9 & 10

7. Jan. 23
HOW:  Facilitation Art & Realities
Modules 7 & 8 & Wrap-up


The first call will be NOON Pacific time / 3 pm Eastern / 8 pm London / 5 am (Thurs.) Sydney.

Depending on our international mix, times for other sessions may vary to include different regions.

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