The Business of Drumming

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Business Development for Drumming & Rhythm Facilitators

Are you a rhythm event or drum circle facilitator (DCF) who wants expand your business to serve more people, and get paid more for your work?

  • Do you have ideas for higher-level offerings for businesses and organizations, but aren’t sure how to get them out there?
  • Do you already work in education, health & wellness, social services, or community settings, and think about offering rhythm programs for team building, meeting groups, and the like?
  • Are you looking for where to start to approach the daunting world of “corporate” clients?

And daunting it can be. If you sense that “the rules are different” for drumming in organizational settings, you’re right. That’s because

It’s not about drumming. It’s about business results.

This fact changes lots of things.  It’s important to understand and plan for the different dynamics, expectations, and pitfalls present in organizational settings, so you don’t either lose the gig, or have your session “not work” quite as well as you’d hoped.

Let me help you find your direction.  “The Business of Drumming” course will help you

  • assess your best approach to the business world
  • design programs that fill client needs, and
  • deliver effective programs that make an impact.

In this business development course, you will learn

  • The key factors you must remember to successfully serve organizational clients
  • The wide variety in the business ecosystem (kinds of groups, purposes, formats, third parties) — and which feel most natural for you to serve
  • From initial client contact to the end of the gig, how to design and deliver a program that meets the client’s business objectives, and gives participants a great time
  • How to describe and market your offerings through clear language that your target clients want to hear

Self-Study Core — 10 Modules

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Introductory Video

Organizational Drumming: Insights, Strategies & Opportunities

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Online Self-Study

The Business of Drumming


A 10-part professional development journey

What's Included

  1. 10 content modules of 1 or 2 videos each, ranging from 5 to 23 minutes each. (Lifetime access.)
  2. Pre- and post-session worksheets resulting in your own Business Go Plan that lays out WHAT you’re offering, WHY it matters, for WHOM, and HOW to reach those people
  3. 60 minutes of coaching with me about applying ideas to your business and program (in 1 or more sessions)
  4. Business of Drumming Facebook group where we share stories, ask questions, brainstorm, and celebrate progress
  5. Special rate for further consulting sessions (e.g. help to propose or plan your next “big gig”)

What previous participants say:

“It’s been like college for a new DCF!” — Nathan Foli

Thank you for providing such an awesome course. I do business development consulting for a living, so I thoroughly enjoyed learning and seeing this world from the “biz of biz of drumming” perspective. — Deborah Payton

THANK YOU for such an educational and inspiring course. These sessions clarified the content I was already using and introduced me to powerful tools for developing new drumming programs for business clientele. One of the best professional development opportunities I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. — Cameron Tummel

Since taking your course I’ve seen significant growth in my business and personal confidence with corporate clients. — Nicole Williams

Thank you so much for the most EXCELLENT course. So detailed, informative and empowering. — Donna Smith

I can tell you this information will save you hours of work and problem solving. I only wish I had access to someone with such knowledge when I was starting out! — Paul Houle

Mary, you were a superb personal coach for me with that major corporate gig I had this past summer.  It has become the backbone of the deepening of my path towards more business gigs. — Otha Day