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For Speakers, Teachers, Facilitators, Team Leaders — anyone who works with groups!

Rhythms of Influence offers a 5-step framework you can use for just about any kind of presentation, class, program, or meeting where you want people to listen, understand, and engage.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Bring your group “into the moment” with full attention
  • Tune them in to your message and each other
  • Activate their curiosity to listen and share
  • Stretch possibilities with play and exploration
  • Transform your message into positive next steps

The 5 phases will help you create that sense of connection and flow, both within yourself and with your audience.  Whether you’re speaking to your work team or community group, presenting at a training seminar, or occupying center stage at a TED conference, Rhythms of Influence will help you:

  • Come across as confident, comfortable, enthusiastic, and genuine
  • Feel in the flow, effortlessly knowing what to say and do next
  • Take your group beyond expectations

Discover the path to greater

  • Clarity and confidence

  • Audience connection

  • Client rapport

  • Organizational impact

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Are you a Rhythm Facilitator?

If you're a group drumming facilitator, you'll see 2 additional useful layers in the book.  Rhythms of Influence gives you:
  1. A versatile, flexible outline for program design
  2. An example of turning rhythmic concepts into relevant client-centered language.
The book's 5-step framework of rhythm elements will show how to:
  • Bring your group “into the moment” with full AWARENESS using PULSE.
  • Build CONNECTION with CYCLE, tuning them in to your message and each other.
  • Generate DIALOG musically and verbally, activating their curiosity to listen and share.
  • Encourage EXPLORATION to stretch possibilities with IMPROVISATION and play.
  • Turn their learning into PERFORMANCE with an experience of GROOVE.

Follow Rhythm's hidden architecture to gain

  • Performing confidence

  • Participant connection

  • Message clarity

  • Musical Results

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The story of Rhythms of Influence

Rhythms of Influence is based on the 5-step program structure that Ju Linares and I developed for our interactive rhythm programs.  We typically work with adult groups in workplace or conference situations — meaning participants are generally total beginners whose purpose is other than “drumming.”  People’s reactions range from “Wow, cool!” to “We’re doing what?”

Our job is to move each group as far toward the client’s business goals as we can in the time available.  That means we need a rapid process of group development, both musically and interpersonally.  Mixing our own experience with ideas from Arthur Hull, HealthRHYTHMS, TaKeTiNa, and general group development theory, our 5-step process was born.

Rhythms of Influence takes about 20 minutes to read. Treat yourself to its rhythmic insights today.  We'd love to hear what you think!


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