Groove Lab & Music Explorium - Weekly Class + Jam

Thursdays at 5:30 at TerraSol
542 Harshaw Road, Patagonia

Groove Lab & Music Explorium

Enrich and Empower with Music & Community

Are you . . .

  1. A musician or drum circler who wants to play more with others?
  2. Someone who used to play, but haven’t in a while, and want an inviting way to get back to it?
  3. Musically curious in general, want more music in your life, and looking for an easy on-ramp to explore ways of musical expression?
  4. Aware that music-making is good for mental, physical, and emotional health, and want to get more of those benefits?
  5. One who likes to hang out and co-create with fun, interesting folks?

If any of these fit,
then Groove Lab & Music Explorium is for you!


A weekly "class" + jam musical experience

Each week, we will explore one or more musical principles in fun, intuitive, non-traditional ways that speak to all levels of musical background.  Beginners get easy-to-grasp introductions, and experienced musicians feel the profound fundamentals in new ways.

Then we evolve into a jam session, guided by what we've learned, and the musical spirit that comes forth.

We'll be rhythm-groove based, using drums and percussion plus supporting melodic instruments — all provided.  You're invited to bring other instruments to experiment in the Groove Lab vibe.  I love working with what shows up!

Why come to the Groove Lab & Music Explorium?

This class+jam series is about "finding our way to Grooveland," That Place of in-the-flow connection where the group's music and our own musical expressions become One.

Along the way, you will:

  • Embrace Music more fully — from wherever you are.
    Whether your previous experience is expert, none, or somewhere in between, you can build, broaden and deepen your experience of Music with new concepts, activities, and ways of perceiving.
  • Experience the joy of playing with others.
    In our musical jams, you'll find freedom to expand your musical expressiveness, and the wonder of co-creating a strong, cohesive musical Whole with others.
  • Learn Music Tools for Life
    Music offers much to guide our daily life for better grounding and equanimity with easy, useful tools.
  • Have fun together!


It's easy — Come one and all

Whether you want to hone your musical skills, have fun experimenting, or just absorb the good vibes and sounds, the Groove Lab & Musical Explorium is the easy way to add more music to your life.

We'll be outside in full shade.

All instruments are provided; you can bring your own as well.

And all sessions are FREE!

Thursdays, 5:30 - 7:30 or so

at TerraSol
aka the Purple House
542 Harshaw Ave, Patagonia.


Questions? Call or text Mary at 520-987-0770.

Or email me here.

Mary plays tantan back yard

An eclectic, intuitive approach

In the Groove Lab, I blend my musical influences and philosophies into an accessible, non-traditional approach to playing music together.

In this context:

  • Music-making is about expression, not performance
  • There are no mistakes
  • With shared intention, people of all levels can enjoy making music together

My most important influences and trainings have been:

  • Arthur Hull, and his teachings about drum circle facilitation
  • Christine Stevens, particularly her book and course, Music Medicine
  • The immersive TaKeTiNa rhythm process
  • A broad background in human systems and group dynamics

Most recently, I have re-approached keyboard and other instruments with expanded intuitive confidence, simply playing by ear for the joy of it, for the first time in my life.

To get a taste of how I weave rhythmical concepts into tools for life, check out my free short e-book, Rhythms of Influence.

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We'll play primarily outside, with full access to TerraSol's Music Room treasures!

TerraSol Music Room