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Add Inspiration to Your Meeting, Conference or Training Session

A conference, group meeting, or other event can reach its full potential when you:

  • Unite your participants in common purpose
  • Create learning and connections that last
  • Boost their energy physically & mentally
  • Inspire your delegates to action

Help your meeting or conference participants get the most out of their valuable time together with an interactive RhythmLift program.

Ignite Your Conference and Workshop Sessions

Not just PowerPoint!  Your group will be laughing, moving, playing, and thinking.  A RhythmLift session helps your group members:

  • Relax and connect with each other
  • Embrace their power to influence
  • Envision new possibilities for your event, and for their teams back at home

Fill the Needs of Your Program

Because RhythmLift programs are tailored to your specific event, they are effective as:

  • Kick-off sessions for meetings and conferences
  • Key transitions, e.g. sessions to help shift from idea phase into action planning
  • Mid-day energizers in conferences or trainings
  • Conference closers, including reflections, appreciations, and clear intentions to carry new knowledge and solutions forward

Let’s talk about ways to get your group in the groove at your next event.  Contact me below!


RhythmLift programs
are perfect for:

  • Professional group luncheon talks
  • Keynote experiences and all-group sessions
  • Conference breakouts
  • Workshops and retreats

Dynamic, Uplifting,
Thought-provoking Talks, like

  • The Challenge of Change:  Why we wrestle to make the changes we say we want
  • Rhythm of Leadership: The beat of easier progress
  • Unseen Influence: Noticing the nature of your group dynamic
  • Music as a Doorway to Stress Relief, Rejuvenation & Wellbeing
  • Get in the Groove: Personal and team strategies for more satisfaction at work
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RhythmLift for Work Teams

• Teambuilding Boost
• Energize / Relieve stress
• Celebration & Recognition
• Unify with Common Purpose

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For Meeting, Conference & Training Groups

• Icebreakers & Energizers
• Interactive keynotes
• Breakout sessions
• Experiential training

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