Dynamic Programs for Team Building, Leadership & Communication

Get your team in sync

      • REVITALIZE Team Energy

      • SPARK new ideas & creativity

      • SHIFT stale team dynamics

RhythmLift team building programs help your group:

  • Celebrate and boost their colleagueship
  • De-stress, relax, and feel better physcally
  • Activate mind-body connections for health and creativity
  • Communicate and learn together in new ways
  • Co-create a “New View” of what is possible together

Custom-designed for your Team

Each RhythmLift program is custom-designed to support your specific situation, message and outcome goals.

Programs include uplifting activities that relax mind and body, stimulate imagination and creativity, and raise appreciation for team and self.

Imagine the difference when your team:

  • Sees themselves as a connected, larger Whole
  • Creates new stories about who they are and what they can do
  • Appreciates the strengths and diverse talents of themselves and each other

RhythmLift programs transport your team in all of these dimensions, taking them to a “better place” where they directly experience greater enthusiasm and connection.  And they’ll learn how to bring that into their day-to-day work, as well.

RhythmLift programs light up

  • Team project startups
  • Initiative launches
  • Strategic visioning & planning retreats
  • Teams in transition (reorgs, etc.)
  • In-person meetings of remote teams
  • Occasions for recognition, celebration and fun

Give your team a positive shift

  • Pause to de-stress and appreciate
  • Promote interdepartmental collaboration
  • Transform difficult team dynamics
  • Revitalize and reconnect to goals

Help your team step up their game

What is your team ready for? Capable of? On the brink of breaking through?

Let's plan a RhythmLift program to energize its next steps, celebrate milestones and strengths, and build lasting team skills.  Contact me below.


1- to 2-hour Energizers that

RESET attitudes
RENEW commitment
REFRESH creativity

Example Program Themes

  • Listening and communication
  • Healthy, low-stress team culture
  • Leadership and followership
  • The value of staying in sync
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Individual and shared responsibility
  • Building trust
  • Creative problem-solving and inspiration

Kind Words

"Mary creates sequences and activities that cultivate participant engagement and community spirit from beginning to end. She integrates intriguing themes with rhythmic activities, and facilitates discussions where participants discover new meanings and applications for their own lives."

 — Arthur Hull, Village Music Circles

"Our drumming experience was the perfect start to our day long faculty celebration. In less than an hour it created a space for community connectedness, gave a chance for colleagues to have fun together and unleashed a spirit of creativity and optimism." — Catherine Koverola, Antioch University

"By using rhythm as well as language to communicate, Mary gets teams to listen, negotiate and connect. She is a strong yet easy-going facilitator and has a lovely way of making these activities accessible to everyone, even those with no drumming or percussion experience." — Heather Robert, San Diego Women's Chorus

"Adding rhythm and drumming to our retreat was a great way to celebrate our day of learning. Mary helped us find and believe in our own sense of rhythm, and showed how rhythm awareness aligns with the holistic care perspective. At the end, group members described themselves as grounded, happy, musical, vibrating, and connected!" — Donna Jo Veigel, RNC HNC

RhythmLift: Dynamic Learning Programs for Groups and Teams

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RhythmLift for Work Teams

• Teambuilding Boost
• Energize / Relieve stress
• Celebration & Recognition
• Unify with Common Purpose

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For Meeting, Conference & Training Groups

• Icebreakers & Energizers
• Interactive keynotes
• Breakout sessions
• Experiential training

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