Pulse of Positive LEADERSHIP

Clarity • Impact • Engagement

Pulse of Positive LEADERSHIP

Discover a lighter way to lead


Pulse of Positive Leadership is an experiential journey of insight, inspiration, and fresh ideas about leading others.

You'll learn how principles of rhythm help us build presence and confidence, and keep us on a steady course.

We'll explore the under-used notion of "Facilitative Leadership," and see how it makes everything easier.

This lively program takes you out of the same-old, same-old.  You get a chance to relax, reflect, and build relationships.


Learning on 4 Levels

Pulse of Positive’s multi-layered approach strengthens four dimensions of your "Leadership Self":

  • Physical — feel more relaxed, fluid, and comfortable in your skin
  • Mental — gain new insights and life tools
  • Emotional — build appreciation of yourself and others
  • Social-Creative — open to creative flow, become part of something bigger


Take-away Insights

Pulse of Positive Leadership develops practical leadership and communication skills from a new, refreshing angle.  You'll learn new ways to

  • stay grounded and connected (even under stress)
  • foster effective communication
  • spark creativity
  • lead a natural focus on results


Energize and De-stress

The Pulse of Positive experience is both relaxing and energizing.  Participants leave feeling inspired, confident, and appreciative.

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Business and Professional Groups:

Enliven your next meeting with Pulse of Positive Leadership

Do you lead a civic, networking, or professional group?

A Pulse of Positive Leadership program will turn a regular meeting into a special event that generates fresh energy in your group.

Programs range from 20 to 90 minutes long.

And it's easy! I have promotional and social media materials ready to go to help you attract members to the event.

Let me know about your available dates, and a bit about your group. 

I'll send information about how it all works — logistics, promotion, etc.  We'll schedule a time to talk about bringing a pulse of positive leadership to your professional group!

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