Pulse of Positive LIVING

Relax • Reflect • Center • Express

Pulse of Positive LIVING

An embodied experience of Rhythm, Movement, and Play


Pulse of Positive Living is an experiential journey of relaxation, inspiration, expression, and feeling good.

Along the way, you’ll experience joyful music, easy movement, inspiring talk, and meaningful reflection that will leave you both relaxed and revitalized.

Supported by a growing body of research, Pulse of Positive gives you direct experience of rhythm, harmony, mindfulness, and more, in a healing, enlivening brew.


Wellness on 4 Levels

With Pulse of Positive’s multi-layered approach, you’ll end up feeling better in all 4 realms:

  • Physical — feel more relaxed and fluid
  • Mental — gain new insights and life tools
  • Emotional — build appreciation of yourself and others
  • Spiritual — open to creative flow, become part of something bigger


Take-away Home Practices

Throughout the experience, you’ll discover how to use the concepts and activities to help you create more of what you want in your life.  You'll stretch your comfort zone — gently and playfully — allowing more of your unique human spirit to shine.

You'll gain specific, simple practices that can help keep you grounded and in your groove in daily life!


Blend of Energizing and Restorative

Each Pulse of Positive Living program is a flow between energizing and restorative activities, blended to match the particulars of the setting, type of group, time of day, etc.  For example, a session at a yoga studio might be more mellow and restorative, whereas a program at a community center would be more dynamic and energizing.

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Wellness & Spiritual Centers:

Bring Pulse of Positive Living to your community

Do you lead a wellness, yoga, dance, or expressive arts studio?  Or a church or spiritual center?

Offer your members a unique experience of well-being with a Pulse of Positive Living event that complements your other programs.

A Pulse of Positive program turns an empty schedule slot into a special event that generates fresh energy in your community.

And it's easy!  I have promotional and social media materials ready to go, plus a simple publicity plan that we customize for your event.

Let me know about your available dates, and a bit about your group or center. 

I'll send information about how it all works — money, logistics, promotion, etc.  We'll schedule a time to talk about bringing a pulse of positive to your community!

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