Pulse of Positive TEAMWORK

Revive • Reconnect • Recommit

Pulse of Positive TEAMWORK

Time for a "Team Reset!"  


Cut the Cost of Stress

We all know how stress can bog us down, both personally, and in our workplace interactions. Even minor, day-to-day pressures accumulate as “friction” that slows down energy, creativity, mood, and efficiency — and sap our individual and team potential!


A “Team Reset” for Wellness & Productivity

Your team can break up that sticky friction and release new energy by stepping back, and doing something different together. That’s what Pulse of Positive Teamwork is all about. It’s an interactive, time-efficient way to “press the reset button” for personal well-being and team dynamics.


Reset in 4 Stages

In the Pulse of Positive experience, team members step completely out of their regular roles and onto a lively playing field of new ideas, music, and fun. They:

  • Relax, let go of worries, and tune into what’s possible “Now”
  • Laugh and connect as a unified group learning together — quickly and wordlessly
  • Explore new ideas and communication skills that directly apply at work
  • Play together as a rhythm orchestra with unity and pride!

Take-away Skills

Participants practice new approaches to key communication and team skills. They’ll gain a memorable, shared language that helps boost:

  • Self-awareness and self-management
  • Active listening and dialogue
  • Creativity, getting out of the box
  • Collaboration and mutual support


De-stress and Energize – for Proven Wellness Benefits

Numerous studies have shown measurable benefits of this kind of group music-making for stress reduction, mood enhancement, and personal empowerment.

Participants leave feeling more inspired, appreciative, and committed to each other and your organization

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Workplace Leaders:

Give your team a boost with Pulse of Positive Teamwork

Are you a manager or HR professional in a company or organization?

Pulse of Positive Teamwork is your easy, fun, and time-efficient way to bust stress and boost productivity.

Programs range from 1 to 2 hours long.

I’ll bring everything we’ll need, and supply an intriguing program description to help build anticipation for the event.

Let me know about your available dates, and a bit about your team.

I'll send information about how it all works. We’ll schedule a time to talk about giving your team a pulse of positive!


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